Repair Services

On-Site/In Home or Online PC Repairs 

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You do not have to unplug your computer. We offer online remote computer repair on your computer without ever entering your home or business, and without you needing to carry your computer to our store.We can repair your computer over the Internet while you watch. TriTown Computers services include online remote computer repair for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, Windows Server, Mac OSX, Linux computers. Remote computer repair is the fast, simple, and inexpensive solution for most computers issues. With remote computer repair, we can tune up your computer, repair a slow computer, or remove a virus, adware, or spyware. We can repair almost any software repair or help in installing hardware or software.

Setup and Install

We will setup and customize the installation of different applications, update drivers and personalize user settings on your pc, operating system, software, internet, email and peripherals. We will also hookup printers, routers, monitors and install or check internet connections.

Troubleshoot PC Problems

We provide a complete performance and security analysis of any pc or connectivity problem along with a planned solution. We will repair, test, and optimize your pc, operating system peripherals, internet, email and software to achieve peak performance.

Get Connected

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Virus Removal


We completely remove viruses from your computer. We can successfully remove viruses without having to lose your software and data.

Data Protection/Back-up

We help you protect valuable programs, files, and pictures. RAID, online and external backup are important security measures that each PC owner should follow on a regular basis. We can make it easy.

PC Optimization/Tune-Up

Optimize your PC performance. We’ll help you clean-up unwanted files, install critical patches and upgrades, backup data and configure your Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browser settings for better performance.

Security Protection

We will remove viruses from your computer and provide protection against spyware, malware and other aggressive and malicious online attacks. We will also audit security settings, configure anti-virus and anti-spyware settings, scan operating system and eradicate any viruses or trojan horses that can affect your PC.

Green PC

We can configure your PC so you will use less energy. By using less energy, you will not only save the environment, but can save money too. In addition, we can also dispose and recycle old PCs, monitors, printers and other electronic equipment.