Business Solutions

Small Business PC Solutions

Small businesses need reliable, quick and fast computer servicing. We can handle all your technology requirements from building new systems to serving existing networks.

TriTown Computers also offer online remote computer repair on your computer without ever entering your business.

TriTown Computers services include online remote computer repair for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, Windows Server, Mac OSX, Linux computers. Remote computer repair is the fast, simple, and inexpensive solution for most computers issues. With remote computer repair, we can tune up your computer, repair a slow computer, or remove a virus, adware, or spyware. We can repair almost any software repair or help in installing hardware or software.

Website Building

Every business needs a good website. We can build a custom website for your company. You can also have an online shopping cart and payment system.

Social Networking

Social networking is important for finding new customer. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Yelp, etc. We can help establish your company’s presence in social media.

Small Business Services

Optimize your PC performance. We’ll help you clean-up unwanted files, install critical patches and upgrades, backup data and configure your Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browser settings for better performance.

    • Servers (Web, VPN, FTP, Print, Database, File Management), Workstations (Desktops, Laptops, All-In-One Units)
    • Point of Sale Systems (Solutions that fit your Company Needs. Equipment, Barcode Readers, Cash Draws, Printers, Touch Screens Etc.)
    • Office Printers and SuppliesRouters/Swiches & Bridges, Access Points
    • Wireless Services and Setup Cabling Installation (Networking, Phone Lines, Coax, Other Wiring Available)
    • Onsite or Off Site Services
    • Fast Response Time
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Security Protection

We emphasize security protection. We will remove viruses from your computer and provide protection against spyware, malware and other aggressive and malicious online attacks. We will also audit security settings, configure anti-virus and anti-spyware settings, scan operating system and eradicate any viruses or trojan horses that can affect your PC.