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Business and Home Security Solutions

TriTown Computers offers both home and business video security services. We have visible and also hidden cameras that looks like a clock or radio that monitor your home or business – inside and outside.

With today’s surveillance Cameras and DVRs you can view live video of inside or outside your home on your computer over the internet.

Home Security Solutions

New moms need to watch newborns while they are sleeping and still be able to move around the house as normal, use a camera inside a stuff puppy by the infant and carry the small video monitor with you around the house.

There have always been people, who take advantage of those of us who work hard for the things we have but it has never been easier to keep an eye on your home while you aren’t there.

Anywhere you have an Internet connection any where in the world. Watch your employees while you are away or watch your children at home while you are at work.

Farmers will find this very useful to keep an eye on your animals when predators intrude and to watch for problems. If you don’t trust the baby sitter or things have come up missing and you would like to know who is to blame.

We have solutions for all your security needs!

Business Security Solutions

Small businesses need reliable, quick and fast computer servicing.

We can install remote video surveillance cameras on your premises to discourage theft and robberies 24 hours and 7 days a week. Our advanced camera systems can offer both live and recorded videos. You may also be able to lower business insurance costs.

Security Protection

TriTown computers emphasize security protection. We have a full line of equipment and provide low cost installation services too for local businesses in our community. We have the security equipment you need today to protect your business tomorrow.




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